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The Give back

Dependency – Each of us has been impacted in some way with dependency. Addiction unfortunately comes in many forms: Drugs, alcohol, food, and so many more. When the give-back to dependency is selected, we will gift rehabilitation centers to help those struggling with their individual addiction.  

“O” is for “zero hunger”.  Food deficiency is a reality in our world and studies have shown how hunger in children adversely affects their ability to thrive in school. When the “zero hunger” contribution is selected, we will donate to schools to pay off school lunch debts. We believe a full belly is instrumental to the success of our future generations.

Transportation is the third of our DOTS. Transportation for elderly is a growing concern.  Transportation to doctor appointments, social activities, and accessibility to everyday needs is essential to the health and well-being of an aging population. Social isolation is a reality as more seniors do not drive thus contributing to a diminished quality of life.  Your selection of “Transportation” will help to defray the cost for the elderly in our communities.

Second Chances.  The fourth and final of our DOTS is for second chances.  We’ve all had struggles in our lives. We’ve all wished we could have a second chance to do it over again.  The second chance isn’t a give back selection for a donation, but a motto we promise to live by – “WE give second chances.”