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ForDots is a company creating small-runs of MINIMALIST sneakers allowing the customer to have a pair of shoes that express their own unique style.  We are making high quality shoes using high quality materials. Our entire process if crafted in house by skilled craftsman with sincere attention to detail. ForDots sources many of its materials from domestic partners paying forward the support to other small businesses. We employ local people teaching a trade, sharing a craft, thus getting so much more in return.

So why ForDots?  We all have something that is important to us and the 4 dots represent 4 categories that we think will resonate with everyone in their own way.  For every pair of ForDots shoes that are sold, we will donate $10 to a give-back category. When each client purchases their shoes, they choose the give-back category they’d like their donation will benefit.  

What are these give-backs?

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